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The high school program is available now for any high school that would like to use it for the 2018-2019 school year. Teens participate in a video-based presentation designed to show the dangers of drunk driving and the importance of always making safe choices in the car. Students are then given the opportunity to sign a pledge card to remain safe and sober.

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What schools are saying 

In the 2017-2018 school year, 468 Missouri schools signed up for this program. Here is what they thought of our program:

  • 99% of contacts said the program raised awareness about underage drinking at their school. 
  • 95% of contacts said that the video kept students' attention. 

Step 1: Register

Register your school online on our website. If you register today, the 2018-2019 video-based program will immediately become available to you online. You will receive a confirmation email after registering your school.

Step 2: Receive

After signing up on our website, the Safe and Sober program will immediately become available to you. The program is available for your school's use at any point during the school year. If you sign up for a school kit by mail, you will receive everything you need for the program. If you sign up for the program online, you will immediately be able to access the Safe and Sober video. You will also receive the online pledge card option and all additional resources. These items are exactly what you may need to successfully use the program. 

At this point, you can decide what day you will plan your Safe and Sober program. Some schools opt to host their program around prom, but it is up to your school to determine the best time for your schedule. Some other great ideas may be including it during Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (Jan. 22-28) or April which is Alcohol Awareness Month. We just ask that you plan to host your program at some point before the end of the spring semester. 

Step 3: Rally

Play the 2018-2019 high school video presentation in an assembly or in individual classrooms. Just be sure that ALL students watch the video. After the presentation, pass out pledge cards and give each student the opportunity to sign one. Collect all of the signed pledge cards.You may also want to share your school's unique online profile page. This will allow students to sign the pledge electronically using their phones or computers.   You may also want to share your school's unique online profile page that will allow students to sign the pledge electronically using their phones or computers. 

Feel free to make the program work best for your school. We encourage you to take advantage of the discussion and activity guides located online and in your school kit. These are designed to be used as a supplement to the Safe and Sober high school video. 

Step 4: Report

Count all of the collected pledge cards, or see what students selected using your school website. A pledge counts if it has a valid signature at least one box checked. Report your school's pledge rate on our website, or by mailing in the pledge reporting card found in the School Kit you received in January. All high school pledge reports must be turned in by May 10, 2019. 

Step 5: Reward

All participating high schools that complete the program and report pledge rates will be eligible to win cash prizes!

We participate in the Safe and Sober program because we believe that in order for our students to reach their fullest potential and achieve success, they should learn the importance of making great decisions and positive life choices. Safe and Sober provides schools with the necessary tools to inform and encourage students to become empowered and responsible citizens. — Kaylan Holloway, Social Studies teacher at Central VPA High School in St. Louis
The Clarkton C-4 School District chose to use the Safe and Sober program with our student body because it shows our students the real-life effects of choosing to drink and drive or to ride with a driver who has been drinking. The presentation of the materials is easy to implement and the content of the program really allows students to have an open and honest discussion about the dangers of drunk driving. This is our second year to use the program and it has been so effective in our district that will continue to use the program for as long as it is in existence. — Leigh Gentry, Counselor at Clarkton High School
Safe and Sober is a great program to open the doors of discussion on topics that teens shy away from. It is important that today's teens understand the risk and responsibilities of growing up. My students poured out an overwhelming amount of response to this program. — Paula Gross, Administrative Assistant at Sullivan High School

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This video is designed to teach students the consequences of using drugs, as well as healthy ways of managing stress. 

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