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Missouri Safe and Sober gives students, parents and teachers the information they need to prevent underage drinking and drug use. We educate students and their parents on the civil, personal and emotional consequences of underage drinking. We aim to encourage teens to make safe choices both now and as they transition into adulthood. 

The Missouri Safe and Sober program is made up of three components:

High School Program

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Teens participate in a video-based presentation that shows the consequences of underage drinking and how it can change their future forever. Students are then asked to sign a pledge card to remain safe and sober.

Middle and Junior High School Program

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Students are shown a video that is made specifically for their age group. Students are then asked to sign a pledge card to remain safe and sober.

Parent Program

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Research shows that parents are the most important influence on a teen's decision to drink or not. The free parent program is designed to accompany the middle/junior high or high school program.

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This video is designed to teach students the consequences of using drugs and healthy ways of managing stress. 

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Tell Us Your Story

Safe and Sober is always looking for new and powerful stories to tell. Have you or someone you know been impacted by a binge drinking incident, impaired driver, distracted driver or other serious car crash? Your story could be featured in our video program designed to empower young people to make safe choices.

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