Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Safe and Sober program include?

Both the middle/junior high and high school program uses a short video presentation that can be shown in an assembly or in individual classrooms. The video content is new to the students each year, and offers students a realistic perspective of the tragic effects of drinking, drug use and drunk driving. After the video, each student will receive a pledge card which asks them to make a commitment to remain safe and sober. Once the pledges are collected, the results are reported on the Safe and Sober website.

What does it cost?

NOTHING! Thanks to support from generous sponsors and a Missouri Department of Transportation grant, this program is offered free to all Missouri middle, junior high or high schools that register for it.

When can my school use the program?

The middle/junior high school program is available for use in the fall semester. Program materials will be available online starting October 1, 2017. Many middle/junior high schools choose to use the materials for Red Ribbon Week which is October 23-31. Pledge numbers are due from all registered middle/junior high schools by May 11, 2018.

The high school program is available for use at any point during the spring semester. We ask that you use the materials and report back your final pledge numbers by May 11, 2018, so that we know how the materials are being used.

Does the Safe and Sober program work?

Safe and Sober conducted an evaluation study with four Missouri high schools in the spring of 2016. Our goal was to examine the effectiveness of the education presented in our 2016 high school video. We found two key pieces of information:

  1. Students are learning from our program. The majority of students' knowledge of underage drinking and drunk driving immediately increased after watching our video. Overall, there was a 34% increase from students' scores on pre- and post-surveys. 
  2. Students were also able to recall and answer open-ended questions from our video on a test that was given to them 30 days after they watched the Safe and Sober video. 

How do I make the Safe and Sober program the best that it can be?

Many schools partner the Safe and Sober with existing safety-related assemblies, dramatizations or special events to reinforce the message of safety and sobriety. We also recommend that you take advantage of the activities and discussion guides that will be located online or in the physical copy of the school kit. Give students a leadership role as you plan the program. 

Who do I contact if I have any more questions?

If you have any questions about the Safe and Sober program, please contact Mackenzie Hernandez at 417-631-4009 or at

Our Sponsors

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