Missouri Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization based in
Springfield, Missouri. 

Our Mission

Missouri Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization based in Springfield Missouri. The mission of Missouri Safe and Sober is to deliver outcome-based educational programs designed to empower young people to make safe choices. 

The Safe and Sober program is available at no cost to all Missouri middle/junior high and high schools. Students are given the opportunity to sign a pledge card, making a commitment to themselves, their parents and each other to stay safe and sober.

Safe and Sober follows four guiding principles:

  1. No one should drink alcohol under the age of 21.
  2. No one should ever drink and drive.
  3. No one should ever provide alcohol to someone under the age of 21.
  4. No one should use illegal drugs or misuse prescription drugs. 

Our History

Attorney Kurt Larson founded Safe and Sober Prom Night in Springfield Missouri in 2004. As a trial attorney Kurt has seen the devastation caused by drunk drivers. As a father of two teenagers Kurt saw the intense peer pressure teens today face when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Kurt was motivated to begin visiting schools and talking with teens in hopes of making a difference in their lives before irreversible mistakes involving alcohol and drugs are made.

Since 2004, Safe and Sober has grown programmatically and in reach. What started in the five Springfield high schools with 748 participating students grew to a regional program reaching 35 southwest Missouri high schools grew statewide program reaching 301 Missouri high schools and more than 120,000 students during the 2015-2016 school year.

Programmatically Safe and Sober as expanded from only educating high school seniors and encouraging them to stay safe and sober on Prom Night, to offering year-round education programs from middle/junior high students, high school students and parents. The pledge now encourages students to commit to a safe and sober lifestyle rather than one night.

Continued support from sponsors and the Missouri Department of Transportation enables Safe and Sober to contiue to deliver life-saving education to the students of Missouri and ensure that education is cutting edge, relevant and delivered in a way that is most conducive to learning.

Our Sponsors

Missouri Safe and Sober is made possible through the financial support of the following:
I am confident in saying that the assembly helped open the students’ eyes, and hopefully will prevent them from making disastrous mistakes. If the assembly saved even one student’s life, I strongly believe that it was an enormous success. As a teenager in today’s society, I want to say thank you to Missouri Safe and Sober for helping to protect the youth of today’s society. — Kamden F., Student Council President at Jamestown High School
Our Staff
Our Staff

Our Team


Mackenzie Hernandez, Executive Director
Pam Holt, Executive Board Member 
Kurt Larson, President and Founder
Whitney Mann, Program Coordinator 
Kaitlyn Kellough, Content Coordinator

Advisory Board

  • Tim Boatwright, Halfway School District
  • Alisa Boyd, Retired Teacher 
  • Christina Chanter, Community Volunteer 
  • Lisa Cox, Springfield Police Department
  • Chris Davis, Community Partnership of the Ozarks 
  • Jean Gruetzemacher, Mercy Health Foundation
  • Julie Gray, O'Reilly Auto Parts
  • John Hammons, Ellis, Ellis, Hammons & Johnson, P.C. 
  • Justin Herrell, Westport Middle School 
  • Sally Larson, Larson Law Firm
  • Jeremy Lynn, Greene County Sheriff's Office
  • Charlie O'Reilly, O'Reilly Auto Parts 
  • Susie Reynolds, Decker and DeGood
  • Rachel Riso, Baird Lightner Millsap Attorneys at Law
  • Joe Rickman, CJW Transportation Consultants
  • Brian Wilmsmeyer, Elite Promotions 

Press and News

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Oct. 25, 2016

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Feb. 12, 2016

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Our Sponsors

Missouri Safe and Sober is made possible through the financial support of the following: